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Interview With Pedro Frugone of Sensational Grammy Nominated Group La Ley

HRG: “Pedro how are you today?”

PF: “I am great Humberto, how are you?”

HRG: “I’m doing pretty good, thanks.”

HRG: “My first question to you is, do you miss Chile?”

PF: “Of course I miss Chile, she is a wonderful country and I visit it as quite often as anywhere from 2, 3 or 4 times a year.”

HRG: “What do you miss most about Chile, about your home country of birth?”

PF: “I miss the people terribly, the countryside, and the sea is beautiful and I also miss the food of course! These things in my country is what makes it so beautiful.”

HRG: “What is your favorite food in Chile?”

PF: “Pretty much everything, BUT meat! The fish is excellent.”

HRG: “What was your first impression of the U.S. when you came the first time?”

PF: “It was kind of like a salad, a mix of cultures, so many people from so many countries. You then can see all the people coming together as one big culture, like a melting pot. This was my impression back in the 80’s when I was going to high school. So if you can imagine it made a big impression on me.”

HRG: “So where did you go to high school?”

PF: “I went to high school in San Francisco.”

HRG: “So it was the mix of people and the different cultures that impressed you most?”

PF: “Yes, this is one of the biggest treasures of this country. This mix creates power and that is why this country is so great.”

HRG: “And today what is your impression of the U.S. now that you’ve lived here for many, many years?”

PF: “My impression today is that people in this country are very hard working and very honest and it is a great country. I love the U.S.”

HRG: “Are you happy that you finally got your approval of your green card under the Extraordinary Ability Category?”

PF: “I am just very, very thankful. I understand there are many people around the world who came to the U.S. to realize such a dream. It is like a dream came true for me.”

HRG: “What do you think about the immigration process in the United States?”

PF: “I think that it’s a complex matter. I think that it has it’s good sides and it’s got some bad sides like the policies which limits certain rights of immigrants. But overall I think it’s very fair and efficient.

HRG: “Do you think having a lawyer helped the process?”

PF: “Absolutely. This is very important. If you don’t have someone professional to assist you, you can run into big problems.”

HRG: “Pedro, what is your favorite song?”

PF: “My favorite song of all time is I Did It My Way by Frank Sinatra.”

HRG: “What is your dream?”

PF: “To have the opportunity to continue to express myself artistically and raise my family in this country.”

HRG: “What was it like when you won your first grammy?”

PF: “It was an Honor. But a real Artist doesn’t create music for awards….I do it because I love music. But it was an honor and I am very proud and thankful.”

HRG: “Do you still enjoy making music?”

PF: “Oh definitely! I am still very much enjoying it.”

HRG: “What would you like to tell other foreign artist whose dream is to come to the United States to make music, movies and or otherwise to be involved in the entertainment industry? What is your advice to them?”

PF: “First I must advise them that this is the most competitive place on earth to do art. Because you have the best and brightest from all over the world. Many people will try to discourage you, but if you continue to believe in what you do, someone will notice you and believe in you as well.”

HRG: “Is there anything else that you would like to say or let the people know about you?”

PF: “Yes, first of all I would like to thank you and your staff personally, Humberto! You have made my immigration process easy and smooth. You are true professionals and I have experienced the tranquility of being well represented.”

HRG: “You are more than welcome Pedro. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to be able to represent you and to become more than just your lawyer, we have become friends!”