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New 500K Investment Program for Permanent Residence

Graylaw wishes you a very prosperous and happy new year for 2005. Last year was a very interesting year for immigrants with respect to immigrants rights and processing of visas. While we saw many positive changes in efficiency of processing visas under the stewardship of the head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Eduardo Aguirre, we also saw the continued diminishing of immigrants rights and very narrow interpretation of the immigration laws by the courts and the Immigration service.

In President Bush’s state of the Union address, he spoke again, as he has in the past, about immigration reform, particularly with respect to undocumented workers and providing them the ability to obtain temporary legal work permits do continue to do work in areas where there is a substantial need. Of course his mandate over the past four years is to strengthen security at our borders and to prevent another 9/11. History will demonstrate whether or not he will ultimately be successful in the implementation of his goals and policies.In terms of processing visas, immigration, now called United States Citizenship and Immigration Service under Homeland Securtiy, has become more efficient. For the first time in history, there is a very informative web cite, USCIS.GOV., where one can check his or her status online. Appointments for routine processing of extensions of work permits, green card replacements and adjudications of green card stamps can be obtained online. Eduardo Aguire is working on the implementation of the filing of non immigrant visas and labor certifications online. As we move forward into the 21st century, we will hopefully see many advances in speedy processing of visas.Many entreprenuers, entertainers and sports figures continue to come to the US with assistance from GRAYLAW. Last year, Eric Gagne of the Dodgers, Pedro Frugone of the grammy award winning band La Ley, Nev Campbell actress from the award winning TV series Party of Five, and employees of actor Keefer Sutherlandto name a few, were successful in obtaining visas thru GRAYLAW. It is our goal to serve efficiently our clients and to provide the personal service to make the otherwise arduous and time consuming immigration process easy.Currently, GRAYLAW is working closely with a pre approved regional center for obtaining green cards through a $500,000.00 investment . GRALAW has procured the approval of visas for green cards within a three month period. The process is pre approved by USCIS and the investment money stays in an escrow account until the case is approved. It has become a great alternative to obtain permanent resident status while making a good investment with good returns. If you or someone you know who might be interested, please have them contact GRAYLAW.

On behalf of my staff we thank you for all of your patronage and support over the years. This year will be 18th anniversary of GRAYLAW. As we move into the new year, we will continue to provide legal services without advertisement, and will make every effort to continue to serve you with dedicated representation.