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Buying a Green Card

By now most of you have heard or read about the EB-5 investment program. The employment based 5th category provides an avenue for foreign investors to obtain permanent resident status (Green Card). Entrepreneurs are raising significant capital through this immigration vehicle. Typically, an investment of 1 million dollars is required. However, a foreign investor can procure a Green Card at half this amount by investing in a “Regional Center.” Regional Centers are pre-approved and designated by the government where the investment opportunity is located in an area of high unemployment and the RC can demonstrate for every $500,000 investment, 10 full time jobs will be created over a two year period.

I am Vice President of Marketing and hold an equity interest in California Consortium for Agricultural Export (CCAE), the first Regional Center in the country that has successfully run and operated 5 different businesses since 2002. We have secured Green Cards for over 200 investors and we are poised to expand. Our current business is an award winning Winery, Mariposa Wine Company (DBA Cru Wine Company). We have 45 Regional Center spots available for selected foreigners seeking permanent resident status.

To become a Regional Center, one must make an application to the U.S. Government. Once approved, marketing efforts to attract foreign investors must be undertaken. After the investors are committed, one must have a very good business partner with the ability and acumen to run the business endeavor. Finally, after 5 years of operation there must be a cogent exit strategy to return capital and hopefully with a good return on investment.

CCAE is one of the few RC’s that have returned significant profit to the foreign investors. Not only did it successfully obtain permanent green cards, CCAE received, in most cases, between 10% to 15% annual return on investment. Of course, we cannot guarantee that all returns will be this significant, however we are confident with our new business model. Our projects are equity models. We manage the business and only make money upon the successful sale of the business asset. The foreign capital stays in an escrow account until the case is approved by USCIS! If you want to know more, please contact me @ 310-447-6577 or hrg@graylaw.com