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Zekuumba Zekkariyas

Zekuumba Zekkariyas is an esteemed client and musical artist who was born in the U.S., but needed the services of GRAYLAW to repatriate to the United States after her sojourn to Africa. The sojourn became permanent as she found her roots in the infamous Zekkariyas African tribe, became a Citizen of Cape Verde and renounced her U.S. Citizenship. Zekuumba’s extraordinary talent comes from a blood line of incredible musical artists. Her mother is the daughter of the legendary singer-songwriter Sam Cooke. Her father is Cecil Womack first a member of the Valentinos, which featured his brother, the unbelievable Bobby Womack and later of Womack and Womack with his wife Linda Cooke. Zekuumba, now lead singer for the Womack Sisters, continues the legacy after repatriating to the U.S. with the help of GRAYLAW.

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